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What is Bukti Negara?

Bukti Negara is the Pentjak Silat created by Pendekar Paul De Thouars as a way to teach and research an older Silat system he learned called Serak or Sera. Pendekar Paul was a highly sought after martial arts teacher, by such notable martial artists as Dan Inosanto and others in the Jeet Kune Do communicty and beyond. 

Pendekar Paul's Bukti Negara Silat system was widely praised and practiced for a long period of time, until his death in 2013. Pendekar Paul was buried at Live Oak Mortuary on Friday September 20th in Monrovia, California.  

The Silat system of Bukti Negara was given to Guru Dan Huybrechts on June 8th 1996. Guru Dan Huybrechts remains the only Kepala Menguruan or Chief Instructor and the only full inheritor of Bukti Negara, and the Serak system which Pendekar Paul taught. The entire system of Bukti Negara is taught and trained regularly at Combatives Academy, in North Hollywood California.


Authorized instructors such as Guru Tim Anderson, Guru Brian Williamson, Guru Nemorio (Nemo) Delgadillo, Guru Lance Alonzo, Guru Dave Jugan  and Guru Andy Beck. The Guru's that are currently teaching can be found on our Schools page. 

There are several people claiming ownership of the art of Bukti Negara and its lineage. None of these claims have historic validity or proof. However, it is easy to make claims of Pendekar Paul's art by presenting a few pictures or videos in the last years of Pendekar Paul's life and using that as 'proof'. To be clear and blunt, Pendekar Paul never authorized anyone else to teach his art other than Guru Dan Huybrechts. Had Pendekar authorized the teaching of his art, he would have provided a record as is the case with Guru Dan, please see below.

The change of Name from Bukti Negara to Kuno Silat

While we still have the domain name, we have rebranded the art to the new name of Kuno Silat. The name change was a decision made by Guru Dan and is fully authorized by Pendekar's family. The name change signifies the new spirit in which to teach the authentic art of Bukti Negara without the need to entertain the unsubstantiated claims to the art by those who have tried to take credit for Pendekar Paul's life work.

Kuno Silat Semangat Baru is the most complete and full expression of the Bukti Negara and the Serak systems. It is best to learn the art from the source if you are a serious practitioner of Silat, Bukti Negara and Serak.


To get started, use our scheduler below or call /text 818.431.0331. 

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